Campaign Finance


Michael Byrne is new to politics. What he’s learning is everything isn’t always what it seems, and the “good guys” aren’t always the good guys. At the state level, one would think we could accomplish much more, given the progressive majorities in the legislature. But when you look at who’s stuffing the coffers of ALL politicians, Republicans and Democrats alike, it starts to paint a story about why things don’t get done. You start to understand why corporate interests get way more than they should, while consumers and the working men and women of Oregon aren’t getting the healthcare, consumer protections, or environmental quality they should. So, from now until the end of the campaign Mike will periodically post what Oregon state legislators, Republican or Democrat, are taking money from special interests related to a particular issue. Then, you can hold your own state representative or senator accountable and ask them the hard questions. All this information is public through the Oregon Secretary of State’s webpage. If a legislator is left off the list, feel free to let Mike’s campaign know.


Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline
Soft Drink Industry
Banking Industry
Minimum Wage and Tips in the Hospitality Industry
Tobacco Industry