Michael Byrne Talks About His Run for District 2 Representative

This week I got the opportunity to sit down with Michael Byrne for Congress and chat with him about why he thinks that Greg Walden is not a good representative for Eastern Oregon and why he, a self-processed veryman, would be better. Big thanks to our sponsors Northwest Furniture and Mattress, Grande Ronde Hospital, Anything2Digital.com, EONI, Valley Realty, Country Financial - Paul Swigert, and Les Schwab Tire Centers! Be sure to tune into http://lagrandealive.tv for more local content.

Posted by LaGrandeAlive.TV on Friday, October 6, 2017


I am a 65 year old grandfather who goes to work every day as a union stonemason to build lasting works of beauty, support my family and contribute to the quality of life we all share in Oregon’s Mighty District 2.

Congressional Candidate Michael Byrne's Family Photo
Congressional candidate Michael Byrne - headshot

Working and raising a family in District 2 may not seem to be the most essential qualifications for a candidate to have, but that’s what I have.

I have 50 years experience in the work force, as a volunteer and in leadership roles in the community.

I can promise that no other candidate has planted trees, fought forest fires, picked fruit, quarried stone on land ceded back to the First Peoples or taught a 1000 people to ski.

I do hope that every candidate has found a way to support abused and neglected children in a program such as CASA, where I represented the interests of foster kids in court for over ten years.

I've spent a dozen years coaching young athletes from every background in soccer, basketball and ski racing. The real world of District 2 families revolves around the kids. Hopes, dreams and sacrifices play out daily on the pitch, in the gym and on the slopes, and I have shared in all of it.

I have worked and volunteered in our public schools, teaching first graders to read and checking for head lice. I’ve snowboarded and skied with Special Olympic Kids. I’ve tackled problems like lead in drinking fountains and drugs/vandalism and expanded opportunities for underserved youth.

I volunteer in the community. I got elected: Parkdale Elementary PTA President and as a Director of the Pacific Northwest Ski Association.

I got appointed: Board of Directors Mt Hood Town Hall, Treasurer of the Parkdale Specialists, and currently, Hood River Democrats PCP#11.

Having been part of a mountain rescue organization, I learned to have my bag packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice. I have answered the phone at 4 am and headed out in the dark to search for lost climbers.

This is our last, best chance to return any semblance of sanity to Washington and actual representation for the working class back to District 2.

These are times like no others. The phone is ringing. It’s 4 am.

Thank you for your support